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MENT/Trestolone exists in two forms.
One form of Acetate and another form of Enanthate.
We are going to handle 4 formulas that contain MENT/Trestolone.

1) MENT/Trestolone Acetate
2) *MENT/Trestolone A-3MIX (Acetate)
3) MENT/Trestolone Enanthate
4) *MENT/Trestolone E-3MIX (Enanthate)

*The two '3MIX' formulas will also contain a low concentration of Testosterone and an adequate dose of Exemestane/”Aromasin”. About the reasons for that, you can read further down in this text.

MENT/Trestolone, the most powerful and strongest anabolic that exists
MENT/Trestolone Acetate either Enanthate it is an extremely powerful anabolic steroid. It is the strongest and most powerful anabolic that exists, and is increasing in popularity every day in Europe and the US. It is surpassing the strength of testosterone by 10 times. And it is also more powerful than Trenbolone. The effects are like a combo of Trenbolone with Testosterone, but without the strong and harsh side effects of Trenbolone. It is recognized for its fast and effective results to increase muscles, gain strength and burn fat in the shortest possible time.

MENT/Trestolone Typically used for a bulking cycle, but can also be used in a cutting cycle because it helps the body burn fat.

MENT/Trestolone in the form of Acetate or Enanthate
The way of Acetate it works very fast and leaves the body very fast too, and needs to be injected at least every 2 days or better every day for optimal and stable levels. Acetate is a good choice for starting with MENT/Trestolone to have very fast effects, during the first week, and also to find the perfect dose with optimal results and low side effects. Perfect for somewhat short cycles and stacked with other short ester anabolics.

The way of Enanthate it works slower and makes the body slower too.It needs to be injected twice a week and it gives very stable levels, and therefore it gives fewer side effects. Enanthate normally needs about 2-4 weeks to give good results due to the long ester. Perfect for longer cycles and stacked with other anabolics with long esters or as “Cruise” or TRT/Testosterone/ Hormone Replacement Therapy.

Advantages over other products
Trestolone Acetate either Enanthate he has an edge over the competition due to the fact that he is extremely powerful. Plus, it's based on sound, medical research, not commercial sales. MENT/Trestolone it is a derivative of nandrolone without 5-alpha-reduction (not DHT), but aromatizes to estrogen.

Estrogen for a man is good and it is also bad
For a man estrogen is good and bad. The good news is that an adequate level of estrogen gives increased production of GH and IGF and additional strength. Contrary to popular belief, this can also help with libido and sexual function issues. The bad news is that high estrogen related side effects like gynecomastia and water retention are more likely to occur.

MENT/Trestolone it aromatizes very easily to estrogen, so it is important to control aromatization.

If using one of the formulas without Exemestane/Aromasin, it is important to control aromatization with an Aromatase Inhibitor (AI).

If you use one of the formulas MENT/Trestolone A-3MIX either MENT/Trestolone E-3MIX These formulas contain an adequate dose of Exemestane/”Aromasin”. Some need to use a little extra aromatase inhibitor, and for others the dosage in the formula is enough to control aromatization to estrogen.

Increases libido and penis size and improves erections
Although it is in the Nandrolone/Deca family it is very different. It is not like Deca and Trenbolone which can harm sexual functions (Deca Dick). MENT/Trestolone it has all the necessary androgenic effects for a man. Not only that, MENT/Trestolone increases libido, sexual functions and penis size. The penis is more engorged with blood while using Trestolone.

Testosterone or no additional testosterone when using MENT/Trestolone?
Many men feel comfortable NOT using testosterone when using MENT/Trestolone. But others are not so fond of the idea of ​​relying entirely on MENT/Trestolone without taking additional testosterone. That's why they use a very very low dose of testosterone 'to feel safe'.

A healthy man produces between 4mg and 7mg of pure testosterone daily = 28mg – 49mg weekly.

That's why MENT/Trestolon A-3MIX Y MENT/Trestolone E-3MIX They contain a low dose of testosterone to ensure masculine characteristics and optimal sexual functions. Such a low dose does not complicate/increase aromatization to estrogen to any significant degree.

For most men, with MENT/Trestolone, it would be a bad idea to use a lot of testosterone like 250-500mg or more weekly. This is going to complicate the cycle and increase aromatization extremely and thus greatly increase estrogen side effects which are hard to control, and obviously requires an Aromatase Inhibitor (AI) like Aromasin, Letrozole or Arimidex and probably a SERM like Nolva.

Already in general, it is more common to use less testosterone to get the anabolic effect/muscle growth. More effective, stronger, more powerful and 'drier' anabolic steroids are relied upon for muscle building effects. The 'new' super anabolic DHB – DiHydroBoldenone is a very good example of this new strategy, and it stacks perfectly with MENT/Trestolone.

MENT/Trestolone and DHT/DiHydroTestosterone
Another point that may be important is that MENT/Trestolone does not change to DHT /DiHydroTestosterone 5-alpha-reduction pathway. This is good for the prostate that can increase in size with high levels of Testosterone that is changed to DHT. But some DHT is necessary and desired for various male/sexual reasons. An equal dose as low with Testosterone mentioned above, will also ensure a healthy DHT level without any side effects.

MENT/Trestolone as TRT or “Cruise”
While other anabolic steroids require testosterone supplementation as well,MENT/Trestolone it can be used independently because it aromatizes to estrogen which is important and necessary for a man. It works as a complete testosterone substitute. It can be used as TRT/Testosterone/Hormone Replacement Therapy and also to cruise with good results completely without testosterone. MENT/Trestolone it is considered an optimal drug to achieve muscle growth compared to its counterparts.

For TRT/Testosterone/Hormone Replacement Therapy and also for Cruising it is more practical to use one of the two formulas containing MENT/Trestolone Enanthate, meaning MENT/Trestolone Enanthate either MENT/Trestolone E-3MIX and inject only 1-2 times weekly.

Dosage and how to use MENT/Trestolone
There are several ways to use MENT/Trestolone, a short cycle or a long cycle, and also the way to use it can change if it is a cycle with only MENT/Trestolone or if it is a stack with several anabolics.
It would be a good idea to start with 25mg/daily or 50mg every other day for about 4-6 weeks because it seems to lose some effect after this duration perhaps due to androgen receptor desensitization. After 4-6 weeks, the dose can be lowered to 12.5 or 15mg daily for 4-6 weeks and then continue with 25mg daily for another 4-6 weeks. This strategy would also be perfect with a cycle with several other anabolics and they work very synergistically.

MENT/Trestolone for stacking
For stacking, MENT/Trestolone works very well with other anabolics.
MENT/Trestolone it is somewhat “wet” and therefore stacks especially well with other “drier” anabolics that do not aromatize to estrogen, for example, DHB/DiHydroBoldenone, the “oral” iSuperDrol Injectable, Masteron, and also Trenbolone.

A cycle with several anabolics with somewhat low doses will always give better results and fewer side effects than a cycle with one or two anabolics with high doses.

An example of a quite effective SUPER CYCLE that "has everything", 15 weeks:
Week 1-5: iSuperDrol Injectable 10-15mg daily or 20-30mg every 2 days.MENT/Trestolone 25mg a day or 50mg every 2 days. DHB Cyp 300-333ml weekly.
Week 6-10: MENT/Trestolone 10mg a day or 20mg every 2 days. DHB Cyp 300-333mg weekly.
Week 11-15: MENT/Trestolone 22mg a day or 44mg every 2 days. DHB Cyp 300-333mg weekly.
Last 6-8 weeks can also be used Trenbolone Acetate with a low/moderate dose: 175-250mg weekly.

And of course it is possible to modify this cycle.

When the cycle is finished there are two options:
1) Make a good PCT.
2) Make a "Cruise" with Testosterone or better with MENT/Trestolone Enanthate 85-105mg weekly.


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